Maraheb's winter menu will satisfy all your seafood cravings

Maraheb's winter menu will satisfy all your seafood cravings

Here are our top five picks from the restaurant's seasonal menu.
Updated 10 Jan, 2020

Maraheb won our hearts from the first time we entered its doors.

The place had opened up much after the trend of mandi restaurants had slowed down but it became one of our favourites for its flavourful rice and tender meat.

With Karachi being ever so cold (seriously, it's really cold), the restaurant has a delicious winter menu that is all things seafood.

We tried it out, these are our top picks:

1) Fried Fish and Batata

If we're being honest, when the fried fish came to our table, it looked pretty basic. However, the fish itself was so tender and perfectly cooked, it easily beat a number of cafes that serve up the simple fish & chips. Also, Maraheb's batata were a great substitute for fries!

2) Prawn Madhbi

Grilled prawns served on a bed of Maraheb's batata, this dish is one we went back for.

We were concerned that the seasoning on the prawns might resemble BBQ prawns but it had a distinct taste of its own and complimented the flavour of the protein well.

3) Fish Madhbi

The fish madhi had the same marinade as the prawn variety and we just want to say, we're highly impressed by the seafood quality at the eatery. The fish is just as tender grilled as it was fried and while the seasoning of the madhbi is strong, we could still taste the ocean-y freshness.

Maraheb served us their fragrant Yemini rice with the dish and while we liked it, we'd prefer this with batatas.

4) Prawn Fasah

Maraheb's dish Saltah Fahsa features melt in your mouth red meat. This is the seafood variant which substitutes the meat with prawn. The dish tastes very similar to the original with a slight change in texture since there is no meat blended in the curry.

The fahsa was served with muluawa bread like before and we thoroughly enjoyed our serving.

5) Yemeni Karahi Fish with Rice

If you want to enjoy Maraheb's winter treats but miss their fragrant rice, they got you covered. The Yemeni karahi fish has a slightly desi flavour which we don't mind and goes well with the rice you love getting extras of when enjoying their mandi.