I'm honoured if Coldplay copied my music video, says Abdullah Qureshi

I'm honoured if Coldplay copied my music video, says Abdullah Qureshi

Speculations arose that Coldplay's latest video is a little too similar to the Pakistani singer's video for 'Laapata'
03 Jan, 2020

Coldplay's music video for their track 'Daddy' is touching, moving and a little too familiar for Abdullah Qureshi fans.

Speculations arose when folks started comparing 'Daddy' to Qureshi's video for 'Laapata' and claiming Coldplay may have found inspiration (read: rip-off) from the young singer.

Both videos feature a small girl going on a journey to search for her father, and several other shots besides. ‘Laapata’ premiered on Jun 28, 2019, while ‘Daddy’ came out on Nov 20, 2019.

Images reached out to Qureshi to respond to the conversation around his track.

"I myself am a huge Coldplay fan," said Abdullah. "I grew up listening to them. I feel like if it's anyone's fault, it's the production house - named Aardman Animations - that made the video, unless it was Coldplay's own idea."

"But I really think we can't blame Coldplay, the band for it because I've heard their music, I've done a lot of research on them, I've seen a lot of documentaries about them, I've attended their concerts. I know Coldplay, they're very honest people. You can tell [a lot] about a musician when you listen to their music so I know they're very honest human beings."

He added, "Deep down inside, I feel honoured because I'm a huge, huge fan... So even if they did it on purpose, I'm honoured that they got inspired by my work."

While Qureshi has a very positive outlook on the whole matter, if this is true, then credit should be given where it's due.

In case one wonders how a band like Coldplay would be exposed to Qureshi's music (apart form the obvious existence of the internet making everything accessible), the band recently paid tribute to the late Amjad Sabri in track 'Church' which appears on their latest album Everyday Life.

So far the band has not commented on the matter.


MarK Jan 03, 2020 03:15pm
Cloning music too!
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Banner Jan 03, 2020 08:36pm
If you have any kind of pride in your art, your work and your country, you should be fighting this tooth and nail, not rolling over like an idiot.
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Neekamal Jan 03, 2020 09:30pm
Bravo to Abdullah Quraishi you won our hearts by a very positive responce even if it is copied.
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Babu Bombay Jan 06, 2020 08:37am
Mr AQ plagiarized Pink Floyd 1979 hit Mother, Cold Play don’t know nothing about him or his music so dream on.
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