Updated 02 Jan, 2020

It was colder in Lahore last night than it was in London, and that's saying something.

As temperatures dropped to 2°C earlier in the week, a cold wave gripped the city, forcing people to remain indoors to stay warm; New Year's Eve was spent huddled around heaters, fireplaces and bonfires.

And the most alarming feature of the season was not the mist and fog that leads to zero visibility — but the fact that we haven't witnessed such freezing temperatures in over 35 years.

Whether this is a direct impact of climate change or not, one thing's for sure, Twitter doesn't remember winter temperatures ever plummeting to this level, and had a thing or two to add to the impending ice age.

Forget barometers, our bones are the real gauge for this weather

And while the cold may give us frostbite, fortunately, it couldn't freeze our sense of humour

Some were quick to give the universe (and themselves) a bizarre reality check

Others were happy to trade their trips to colder regions for this weather

And it's not only Lahore freezing to its death, but the entire country also seems to be gripped by the cold

But Lahore remains in the forefront...of being frosty

That said, things seem to be looking up!