National Foods is sharing an important message to establish #NayiSochKeNayeZaiqe
National Foods is sharing an important message to establish #NayiSochKeNayeZaiqe

We're all for celebrating relationships and emboldening the fact that kitchen duties don't necessarily have to be gendered.

National Foods furthers this very thought in the campaign, #NayiSochKeNayeZaiqe, and there's quite a lot happening.

Let's talk:

Zoe Viccaji lends vocals for a fresh jingle

The campaign kicks off with a jingle that gives fun spins to regular desi ways of advertising food, and we feel it's a breath of fresh air in an otherwise fairly cluttered world of advertising.

See for yourself:

What's next?

The campaign has now unfolded a series of mini-jingles that four Pakistani musicians present their own renditions of.

Let's check:

Rachel Viccaji's is our favourite

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Bilal from Kashmir The Band gave the tune an interesting spin

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Natasha Baig also joined in

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Haroon Shahid hummed his tune on a kitchen countertop

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How the campaign is ungendering desi kitchen roles

With the help of a TVC, the #NayiSochKeNayeZaiqay concept relights the joy of cooking together, encouraging positive change in society by challenging archaic gender roles.

The storyline presents short glimpses into the lives of three couples rejoicing different stages of their relationship with each other.

We particularly support the campaign in breaking the usual advertising norms and showing men helping out in the kitchen to not just empower women but also celebrate their relationship.

Let's discuss.

The first story revolves around a newly married couple

Amateurs in the kitchen, these two are shown happily learning new things and helping each other out.

The second highlights a relationship that has developed its own balance over time

These guys have settled fairly well into their household.

..and it shows.

The third couple has their duties and roles perfectly distributed

Showcasing solid skills in the kitchen, these guys know it all, share it all.

We adore the camaraderie each of these relationships share on-screen.

As for the campaign, we feel it leaves us with an important message: relationships gain strength only when both partners believe in respect and equality.

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