Updated 15 Feb, 2020

If you're someone like us, you have probably added more travel plans to your 2020 bucket list than anything else. But let's talk facts first: travelling does not come cheap.

If you're a smart traveler (like us), you probably already keep an eye out for good deals.

Only recently, we stumbled across a travel package for Rs500 per year on the Konnect by HBL app with some promising discounts on bus tickets.

Winter break seemed like a perfect time to avail them so we decided to give it a shot.

Lahore to Karachi road trip

We're suckers for exciting road trips with friends!

We were able to plan a quick, unwinding trip with friends to Lahore from Karachi with a wide range of discounts and options available on our app.

Our group of six enjoyed a 20% discount online as we booked our tickets for Skyways Daewoo service.

The process was seamless and hassle-free, giving us plenty of time to get done with our packing and deciding on an itinerary for the trip.

In all honesty, we were a little skeptic about the service canceling our booking last minute, but thankfully, it didn't.

Our bus was comfy and spacious with not many sniveling babies on board (score!) and except a few bumps here and there, the journey ran smooth.

We were so thoroughly impressed that we made a return booking from our app as well.

With commute expense sorted, we planned a number of last-minute shopping sprees.

There's more...

A couple of friends were wary of the bumpy experience a bus ride can involve.

We figured our newly-discovered app carries a ton of options that are available to choose from, and so we made various interesting suggestions.

Here's a complete lowdown of them all:

Besides the one we used, there are additional packages, named foodie and medic, that we feel we're going to check out pretty soon.

For more information, head over to Konnect by HBL's official website here.

This content is produced in paid partnership with HBL and is not associated with or reflective of the views of or its editorial staff.


Haroon Rashid Feb 15, 2020 08:04am
I liked the dis-claimer for the sponsored article/ad., in Dawn to draw attention by HBL. Suggest if Dawn independant review would have made it palatable. The ad., certainly tells about capacity building initiative of Surface Transport as Daewoo etc., a 20% discount should essentially have an HBL etc., Had chance to travel by Daewoo and other transporters from Karachi to Rawalpindi some decades back. They were very competitive, but not reliable. Felt like I was travelling on a truck chasis built bus with AC with no seat belts/airbag etc., There was no fire extinguisher, no Emergency medication/bandage etc., clean drinking water etc., etc., What's the incentive for Senior as 50% rebate, plus 20@ from Daewoo be applicable to me.
Haroon Rashid Feb 15, 2020 08:53am
Acknowledge incentive of Skyways as I posess HBL Debit card. HBL Call Center Karachi states to Apply Konnect HBL App., shop the package to avail this offer would be another cost of Rs.625 plus 250 Total Rs.875-00 to avail the discount sound a joke to me. I have a Union Pay card of Telenor Bank EasyPaisa which offers much more than you. Suggest the editor to please publish an article on Telenor Bank Easy Paisa account. Let HBL fart. Cheers