We've got to admit our lives are all about getting things done as quickly as possible. With the brand new decade of 2020 here, we're looking forward to taking this up a notch.

We set out to try the Konnect by HBL app to see how - if at all - it helps us get important stuff done.

Here's a quick rundown of our three-day journey with the app:


Mad deadlines, crazy work schedules and Karachi's traffic barely leave us with some time to run the usual errands. But we soon figured that through the Konnect App we were able to do various chores in as little as 5 minutes.

Our very first encounter with the app was for mobile recharge; we topped our phones while the traffic light stayed red.

We also helped a colleague at work send home a part of his salary without going through the hassles of queues and bank schedules through immediate and quick bank transfers.

Next we figured the Konnect app can even receive international remittances with few taps on the app.


We decided to try QR payments and discounts on food orders next to sneak out from work and survive all the drama.

Our first stop was a burger joint where we tested the app's QR payment feature to see if we could get worthy discounts.

… and we did!

With a huge number of popular eateries on board, we had options aplenty for this.

Rejoicing this discovery of ours, we topped a work colleague's phone number to show them how going to physical stores to multitask on little chores like these is so 2019!


Two days into the experience, and we already felt all our chores were sorted. So we decided to test out one of our most favourite feature: booking tickets to the latest movie show.

The platform supports purchase of movie tickets allowing users to pick their favorite seats in the cinema, select cinema type, and everything else, all under one platform.

We were spoiled for choice with the app's flat discounts on several eateries, including all the favourite hot snacks and pizza outlets.

Our thoughts: three days with the app, and there is still so much left to discover!

For more information, head over to Konnect by HBL's official website.

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