The actor will be playing a person grappling with anger management issues in 'Ghalati'
The actor will be playing a person grappling with anger management issues in 'Ghalati'

After Do Bol, Affan Waheed and Hira Mani are reuniting for a new drama Ghalati.

The drama, according to Waheed, is about decisions made in rage and how such issues can cause problems in the longer run.

"The story is actually revolving around one thing which can't be revealed yet but Ghalati shows how the main character's anger management issues cause problems within his family and love life quite a lot."

Speaking to Images, Waheed revealed, "I am playing an educated man called Saad and he’s madly in love with this girl called Zaira who's being played by Hira Mani."

"[My character] is really impulsive, short-tempered and aggressive but madly in love with that girl. He’s a regular guy with different shades; we usually see the hero is perfect in dramas and the villain is imperfect but he’s a normal guy with grey areas... The message at the end of [the drama] will be that we shouldn't take anger driven decisions."

Ghalati has been written by Asma Sayani and directed by Saba Hameed under the banner of Six Sigma Productions.

Added the actor, "Usually with Saba, I have done a lot of acting rather than her as a director but it was a treat working with her. She has a vision and command over her craft. It was amazing working with her, it was such a congenial atmosphere."

About reuniting with Mani, he said, "Hira, after Do Bol, has had a great chemistry with me. It’s always fun working with her."

Ghalati is set to air in the second half of December on A Plus.