It's been a while since Babar Ali has played a leading role in a movie
It's been a while since Babar Ali has played a leading role in a movie

Babar Ali is returning to the silver screen as a protagonist after a long time.

The latest offering from the Pakistani entertainment industry is set to have the star playing a leading role. Titled Betabiyan, the film is said to be "a musical love story primarily targeted towards families and women," as are most films.

However according to a source at film's distributors, Metro Live Movies, this is one musical which boasts a roster worth checking out, with the soundtrack including Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Humera Channa, Shiraz Uppal, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, Javed Bashir, Sara Raza Khan and Sarah Haider.

The music has been scored by Ahsan Bari with lyrics written by Sabir Zafar and film's writer Wasif Burney.

The source at Metro Live Movies told Images that Betabiyan is about couples who, despite trying their hardest, can’t be together, yet can’t live without each other.

"It’s a story of Niggi (Hiba) who loves Hassan (Babar), but before she can express her love for him, it’s too late. Hassan’s life revolves around his much-pampered daughter, Nida (Saima). He faces a huge setback in life when his beloved wife Rida passes away, leaving him shattered."

The source added, "This tale of love, sacrifice, anxiety, togetherness takes a dramatic turn when that same adored daughter questions her father over his relationship with Niggi and when she can’t be with the man she loves because of her father’s relationship."

Betabiyan's cast includes Saima Baloch, Syed Arez, Hiba Ali, and veterans Javed Sheikh, Saba Pervez and Saengeeta among others.

The film is set to release this weekend on November 29.