Pop star Ed Sheeran has been granted permission to build a new prayer retreat on his country estate in Framlingham, Suffolk, where he grew up and currently lives with his wife, Cherry Seaborn.

A planning application to his local council said the structure would "address an important need for a private place of retreat for contemplation and prayer."

It added that the space would be used "for celebration of key life and family milestones, family and social gatherings, marriages, christenings and so forth."

"It would also allow the applicant's family, friends and colleagues to be able to enjoy these things and join them in their observance."

"The applicant has as his guests and visiting colleagues... people from around the world," the application states.

"Many of these people are from many countries, faiths and customs, including for example the USA, Ireland, Ghana, Nigeria, Asia and Australia."

The application promises that while the new building will be “modern”, it won’t clash with the local architecture and parish church, and adds that "the applicant seeks to provide a space in which he, his family and these different people can retreat for contemplation, prayer and relaxation, to meet, celebrate and meditate in peace and safety from disturbance."