12 Nov, 2019

There's no stopping Kashmir ever since they won Pepsi Battle of the Bands.

The band dropped another music video for their track 'Parwana Hun' and it has an important message about not being trapped in the fear of the unknown.

Talking about their latest track, the band shared, "We all feel safe living in oblivion, however there is always a fear of the unknown that is lingering in the shadows. 'Parwana Hun' is about finding the strength to face the truth in the hope to find inner peace."

The video shows a group stuck in a cave trapped by fire. It is when one man, yearning to get out, makes the move that we see the obstacle was within. The music, having the signature Kashmir touch the band is known for, goes perfectly well with the video.

Watch it here:


Kazim Reza Nov 13, 2019 12:35pm
Smiling with tears !
isha Nov 19, 2019 03:55pm
brilliant video