Band Tamaasha teases a grand music video for their popular track Roshni

Band Tamaasha teases a grand music video for their popular track Roshni

This is the same track Fawad Khan loved so much he climbed on the table because a standing ovation wasn't enough!
Updated 17 Nov, 2019

Remember when Tamaasha performed their track 'Roshni' on Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 3?

You know, the one the judges gave a standing ovation to and Fawad Khan legit climbed on the table to cheer for them? Yeah that one.

The band has just announced that a music video for the track is in the works and it looks as grand as the song itself.

The teaser has gone intergalactic and we're on the edge of our seats for the complete video because it's about time we get such creative works from our local talent! And yes, we love our sci-fi so if this has a few lasers here and there we're on board.

Speaking to Images, bassist Ali Raza Soomro, who also serves as director of the music video, revealed, "We embraced the biggest challenge of our lives with the ambition we had for 'Roshni'. Science-fiction is not an easy job to pull off, especially when it is so seldom done in Pakistan."

Added vocalist Bilal Ahmad, "'Roshni' was a song that literally begged for the grandest music video we have every attempted, and that is what this is. As a fan of science-fiction, I find this video to be a daring step for filmmakers to realize that nothing is out of bounds for us Pakistanis, whether it be musical, or visual."

This will be the band's second music video after 'Paisa Phenk' which was an anthem on paying artists what they're due.

A tentative release date for the track has not yet been revealed but the band assures us it'll be out "very soon!"