Imran Abbas is disappointed in the latest Pakistani film he's seen

Published 03 Nov, 2019 04:44pm

Images Staff

"Glad I didn't become a part of this film," said the actor.

Imran Abbas just saw one of Pakistani cinema's latest offerings and is not happy.

In a Facebook post, the actor shared his thoughts on the flick, which he chose to leave unnamed.

"Undoubtedly it's one the worst three hour cinematic experiences I've had in the last year," writes Imran. "Surprised how illogical the story and screenplay could be and that too packaged with pathetic execution, bad cinematography, with ridiculous and cringe-worthy performances of every single actor dressed in shabbiest clothes and crass/gaudy makeup."

"Glad I didn't become a part of this film," he added.

Yikes! No wonder he got a "severe migraine" from whichever flick he saw.

While Abbas stayed respectful to the team behind the film by not revealing the title - although he believes it's easy to figure out - he did end his note saying, "this standard of films is pushing away many viewers miles back to cinema."

We have a feeling people have started figuring out which film Abbas is talking about. We have a few guesses of our own!