Pakistani celebs reveal real stories of real taste in this cook-off series. Here's how

Pakistani celebs reveal real stories of real taste in this cook-off series. Here's how

Shan Kitchen got Ahmed Ali Butt, Danish Ali, Saba Qamar, Sohai Ali Abro and others to cook delish desi recipes.
Updated 14 Dec, 2019

Shan kitchen has brought together some of our favourite celebs from across the entertainment industry for fun and exciting cook-off challenges meant to reveal real taste and real stories to us, the fans.

These celebs not only showed us some great culinary skills but also talked about unique spins their families have been giving to traditional food recipes, fun secrets of their food associations, and key products their households swear by.

Here's a quick look at it all:

Key highlights of Shan Kitchen's cook-off web series

We feel there are a number of interesting bits that happened while scrumptious meals were prepped.

Here are few of our favourites:

1. George Fulton and Shaneira Akram got some grocery together

The show kicked off with George and Shaneira running around to get their grocery lists sorted, dropping funny reactions on the little unspoken rules we Pakistanis have made around desi cuisines, especially biryani.

To aaloo or not to aaloo:

2. Sohai Ali Abro helped Khalid Malik learn how to make kofta

Unlike the heated face-offs we witnessed in the other episodes, this one had a pretty interesting conversation happening between the two celebs.

Khalid revealed that the first-ever dish he cooked was chicken curry, while Sohai's first attempt in the kitchen was at roti-making. Daw!

Check out his speed though:

3. Minal Khan raced against time with Danish Ali's fun antics diverting her in the kitchen

While Danish Ali - quite literally - laughed and danced his way through the cook-off, Minal Khan deftly prepped a scrumptious meal with the chicken karhai recipe assigned to her.

Minal doesn't look too happy here:

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4. Saba Qamar and Ahmed Ali Butt prepped two different rice dishes

..and the results were SO GOOD.

Both celebs competed hard to finish each other's recipe as the mystery box segment threw in this fun twist in the middle of the episode.

We particularly loved how Saba Qamar came up with interesting comebacks for Ahmed Ali Butt's witty jokes on her cooking style.

If we were in her place, we wouldn't have remained this calm:

Here's the full episode: Cook-Off Challenge | Ahmad Ali & Saba Qamar

Why a cook-off?

While Shan consistently attempts to bring innovation to authentic taste in the kitchen, the brand has been actively doing its best to reveal real stories of real people who build real tastes around us every day.

Shan Kitchen is a platform that encourages the art of self-expression through the power of food that people love to cook.

For more updates on what Shan Kitchen brews next, head over to their official Facebook page.

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Eaterrr Dec 14, 2019 09:06pm
I would love to try these celeb cookings. Thanks for the heads up. Now how can a non- PK in Canada try these cookings?