The brand sent out boxes full of goodies to help students settle into their new life.
The brand sent out boxes full of goodies to help students settle into their new life.

Not everyone's comfortable around change.

Leaving your house and city to experience something different can often be unnerving.

Once the excitement of starting a new journey fades, we find ourselves missing everything that makes us feel comfortable and loved in our homes.

Understanding this rush of bittersweet feelings, Hush Puppies came up with a 'Box of Comfort', that celebrated this very moment in a university student's life.

The campaign set out to help freshmen at LUMS this year by leaving a box full of goodies in their dorm rooms.

Have a look at them here:

Here's how the campaign unfolded:

And what does the job better than a pack of your favourite instant noodles, some candy and a handy pair of comfy slip-ons?

That's not all. Each box also carried a warm note from the global footwear brand.

Here's what it read:

'They say university will truly be the time of your life. That buzz and tingle of new things, experiences, a new life. But then there's that sinking feeling, the one you just felt when you walked into this empty room. Alone - it is daunting and big and uncomfortable. You have left the cocoon. And we have all been there, braving against the unfamiliarity. So we, at Hush Puppies, wanted to send you this box of comfort; a little something that reminds you of home. Reminds you that no matter how strange and uncharted tomorrow maybe, you carry your comfort within.”

We adore how Hush Puppies helped us go back to some of the many memories of our freshman years that we absolutely cherish.

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