Sheheryar Munawar wants to stop glamourising smoking

Sheheryar Munawar wants to stop glamourising smoking

"To all the kids reading this, don’t take up smoking! It’s not cool," he wrote on Instagram.
05 Sep, 2019

Smoking is a disgusting habit and Sheharyar Munawar wants you to know it.

The actor shared a shot from his Parey Hut Love poster shoot, in which he's holding a cigarette with a disclaimer that said just that, adding that it's a habit he's struggled with and hopefully can kick soon.

"To all the kids reading this, don’t take it up! It’s not cool. However, for some reason, all my photographer friends feel it has a cinematic appeal to it when taking pictures. So what I’ve decided is that if I do put up such pictures, I’ll always put a disclaimer with the caption: smoking kills."

To be fair, if he really wants to discourage the habit, he shouldn't be uploading these pictures either because the disclaimers are on cigarette packets too and that doesn't seem to deter people, not to mention there's a lot of impressionable kids who use Instagram.

But for Sheheryar to acknowledge his own bad habits and work towards his betterment while being aware of his responsibilities to his followers is commendable.

From cancer to fertility issues, smoking just one cigarette a day can have a drastic impact on one's life. At some point, smoking was considered cool or fashionable but in 2019, we think we can all admit it's anything but.