Every year, we get a new track or two which celebrate Pakistan and this year is no different.

Fusion band members, Khurram Iqbal and Shallum Xavier teamed up with Iqra University students for a new milli naghma, which they released on Khalid Malik's FM91 show, and we like it!

'Dharti Maan Ko Sajana Hay' is a contemporary take on the milli naghma and features Alicia Dias and Khurram Iqbal and music by Shallum Xavier. The uplifting melody and guitar rhythm is just what we needed to get into the mood this 14 August.

The song was released on FM91 today
The song was released on FM91 today

According to Iqra University's post about the track, they said: "We stand together as one with honour, pride and dignity. Pakistan is our land, our country our hope, our past, present and our future. We must rise together and move forward with sheer determination, dedication and perseverance."

"On this auspicious Independence Day, Iqra University is releasing a motivational patriotic song titled 'Dharti Maa ko Sajana hay' which is directed and produced by the Media Science Department, Iqra University, dedicated to the courageous, brave and resilient people of Pakistan and its Armed forces."