Everyone can't stop talking about Cheekh's finale

Everyone can't stop talking about Cheekh's finale

Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas Khan have won everyone's hearts and we have proof
Updated 12 Aug, 2019

What is the number one thing everyone in Twitter is talking about?

Well... the Karachi rain... but apart from that.

Saba Qamar-starrer Cheekh finally ended and don't worry, we're not revealing anything... except that it left the audience stunned! The drama garnered a lot of popularity by how it treated a sensitive topic like rape and fans were smitten by Saba Qamar's performance.

And of course, the dreamboat that is Emmad Irfani.

People took to social media to share their thoughts and the love for the last episode of Cheekh.

Spoiler free review

Where is the lie?

Saba Qamar doing what's right

Greatest of all time y'all

We can't stop fangirling

He has made his mark!

We were shooketh

Give them all the awards already

All. The. Awards

More strong women in dramas please

So did we

Can we take a personal day to process it all?

Finale so nice, gotta see it twice


Someone said it

But yes, we all know who we miss the most


Jehengir Khan Aug 11, 2019 02:07pm
Saba rocks....a stellar performance....this drama is a one woman show.....great acting.....
Ali S Aug 11, 2019 03:34pm
If you think that's brilliant acting then no offense that means we have low standards for acting. Kudos to the show for the promoting strong women characters though.
kaly Aug 11, 2019 04:21pm
I am an Indian and must admit Saba is a great actress, her acting in 'Hindi Medium' in India is too good.
Tahmina Aug 11, 2019 05:20pm
what a drama!! brilliant acting of Saba and Bilal.
Sheema Aug 11, 2019 05:43pm
It wasn't that great at all. Too melodramatic.
M. Saeed Aug 11, 2019 06:42pm
Titanic of our dramas. We must give every possible award to it.
Zainab Aug 11, 2019 06:50pm
The Drama to remember for very very long time. Saba deserves the medal
Maha Aug 11, 2019 08:45pm
waaaaow Bilal Abbas you are such a talented n dhamaka boy itne kam time me you became a hero of pakistan weldone...And the last episode was waaaow waooow i was literally crying dekha hi nai ja raha tha last episode bilal abbas u did a really great job❤
Sakina Aug 11, 2019 09:15pm
There was immense brilliance in her acting. Beyond words. All praises for Saba Qamar. Excellent. She deserves all awards.
Rajeev Saxena Aug 12, 2019 12:52am
Saba Qamar is beautiful and a natural actor. I like her.
ahmed Aug 12, 2019 03:03am
Great way to wrap-up the drama. Superb acting.
Naina Raheem Aug 12, 2019 10:08am
It was an outstanding, powerful and hope inspiring drama, particularly its last episode. full of emotions, expressions, dialogues, back ground music and above all with a positive message. The writer and the director has done a superb job along with its actors.
Amani Aug 12, 2019 11:50am
Drama "Cheekh" last episode is the ever best of all the drama. It's direction, it's dialogues, it's acting, it's editing, it's photography, it's emotional touch scenes, it's production, it's sets, it's lighting effects, it's clear message, and what not. Every aspect of this last episode was a fantastic and mind catching. Thumbs up for nice presentation ever by ARY Digital.
Kumar(Varanasi) Aug 12, 2019 07:25pm
Saba Qamar come across as a very lovable person, especially in her older interviews , interactions and conversations . I rate her above all current Indian actresses.
Claudette Aug 13, 2019 01:19am
Don’t forget the acting of Chayanne. (Saba’s husband). Superb. He is the only one who made me cry. Bilal Abbas was very good.