Four new Pashto films are ready to release this Eid

Four new Pashto films are ready to release this Eid

Looks like the Pashto film industry is a world on its own!
11 Aug, 2019

The Pashto film industry, despite odds, is set to screen four new movies on Eid-ul-Azha to provide entertainment to the cinegoers.

The film directors and producers have pinned hopes on the production quality, dialogues delivery, casts, locations and strength of music of the movies. Out of eight cinema houses in Peshawar, only four are ready to screen four new Pashto flicks while the rest will showcase old runs.

Around 12 noted Pashto folk singers have already released their songs on their own YouTube channels and a few groups have released promos of short films, showcasing different aspects of Pakhtun social life.

Four of eight cinema houses in Peshawar to screen old runs

However, connoisseurs of the film making say no matter which form it takes, films hold the power to transport their audience into different dimensions within the span of a few hours.

According to their view, Pashto film industry has many issues and also the cinema culture in Pakistan is going through drastic changes but the technology and talent behind the movie itself speak when combined on screen but there is more that add to the movie-going experience.

Rafiq Jan Munsif, a film critic, says that going to cinemas has been a popular hobby for people since the moment they were introduced to the world and even after decades it has not changed. He adds that history may have evolved and fluctuated over the years but the only fact of the enjoyment people feel walking in and out of the theatre has remained the same.

Poster of a Pashto movie
Poster of a Pashto movie

The four new Pashto flicks being released in Peshawar include Munga Lofaran Yoo, Badmashano Sara Ma Cherha, Da Gaz Da Maidan, and Qurban Day Sham Charsi.

The first film has been directed by Arshad Khan and produced by Shahid Films Production (SFP) in which Arbaz Khan, Jahangir Jani, Shahid Khan, Jiya Butt, Feroz Ali Khan and Afreen Paree are appearing as the main casts. Noted script writer Saeed Tehkalai has written the storyline and dialogues while Zar Mohammad Zaro has composed the music of the movie.

Badmashano Sara Ma Cherha is the production of Musafar Videos, scripted by Salim Murad and starred by Ajab Gul, Asif Khan, Jahangir Jani, Arbaz Khan, Shahid Khan , Mehak Noor, Sidra Khan, Jiya Butt, and Feroza Ali Khan. Ustad Gulalai has lent the beauty of music to the flick.

Da Gaz Da Maidan is a new version with a different storyboard and cast because a Pashto film under the same title had gained popularity during the early 90s.

The fourth Pashto flick Qurban Day Sham Charsi has Shahid Khan, Jahangir Jani and Feroz Ali Khan as mega stars.

Noted Pashto folk singers including Gulpanra, Sarfaraz, Sitara Younas, Humayun Khan, Shah Farooq, Shehzad Khayal and Gul Rukhsar are performing as playback in the movies.

Muzaffar Khan, owner of Musafar Videos Production House, tells this scribe that Shah Farooq, a young folk singer from Bannu, has sung songs for the first time for Pashto film while Shehzad Khayal, younger son of ghazal maestro Khayal Mohammad, will spellbind the audience.

Originally published in Dawn, August 11th, 2019


BTS Aug 11, 2019 11:44am
Vikas Aug 11, 2019 12:07pm
Pashto films are best. I heard they show true culture of Pakistan. Heard of a few on the internet. Can put some Scandinavian ones to competition.
Gul Aug 11, 2019 02:05pm
I'm Pushtun, and I decry against such formulations that are forcasting our future that it will still rest around weapons and bigotry; violence is an another inescapable phenomenen in those Pushto movies. Narrow minded narrative are on drugs in those movies, and nontheless, the show of further iniquity to nature and human consciousness by introducing mind conqurable materials (drugs) that when taken in high doses, proved to be lethal and become society nemesis in long-term. Pushto movies revolves around old ideas, & showcase of weaponry. As I student, I hate to associate myself with such people that think highly of weapons than human intellectual prowessnes. In high cadre of Pushtun society, my friends, as I have reportedly noticed, distant themself from such movies, they even called them the outsiders of there wider Pustun circle that came in hordes in archaic from Afghanistan. I hardly came across such people that admire books than weapons in lower & middle cadre of Pushtun society.
M. Emad Aug 11, 2019 02:38pm
Rudimentary Pashto films have limited (local) market.
Ehsan Aug 11, 2019 07:14pm
its quite weird to see no reported women stars in some of the above listed movies