100 artworks from Azad Jammu, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan exhibited in Islamabad

100 artworks from Azad Jammu, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan exhibited in Islamabad

Exhibition 'My Land – My People' shows the beautiful landscapes and landmarks of the regions
28 Jul, 2019

Colourful landscapes, portraits and still lifes went on display at a new exhibition at the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) on Wednesday.

Organised by the Special Communications Organisation (SCO) and the PNCA, the exhibition featured 100 works made under the theme ‘My Land – My People’ by students from Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The pieces were selected out of thousands of submissions from both regions.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Samina Alvi, who was invited as chief guest.

“The world needs to take notice that while our children in AJK as well as GB are showcasing their aesthetic talents, children in the occupied valley yearn for free air and dream to enjoy the beauty around them,” she said.

The exhibited pieces were finished in bold and vibrant colours, and depicted landscapes and historical landmarks as well as traditional, cultural and scenic aspects of the regions.

SCO Director General Maj Gen Ali Farhan said: “The primary purpose of this initiative is to acknowledge the talent of youth from remote regions and to showcase it at the national scene.”

“Overall, I found the exhibition impressive given the age of the students,” said Irman Khalid, a visitor who brought his children to the show.

“Some good portraits, a few bold statements, and most quite energetic works,” remarked another visitor.

A visitor appreciated that the students were asked to think for themselves and encouraged to be original.

Originally published in Dawn, July 25th, 2019

Prizes and certificates were distributed among winners at the ceremony. The exhibition will continue until tomorrow (Friday).