Pakistani celebs speak out after Mohsin Abbas Haider is accused of domestic abuse

Pakistani celebs speak out after Mohsin Abbas Haider is accused of domestic abuse

Mohsin's wife Fatema alleged that the actor cheated on her and beat her while she was pregnant and again recently.
Updated 26 Sep, 2019

Late Saturday night, Mohsin Abbas Haider's wife, Fatema Sohail took to Facebook to accuse the actor of domestic violence.

"On 26th Nov 2018, I caught my husband cheating. When I confronted him, instead of being embarrassed he started Beating me. I was pregnant at that time," said Sohail.

Fatema said she had to go to a doctor to make sure the baby is okay. She further said that she decided to try and make the relationship work for the sake of the child, although she pointed out there may have been some 'societal pressure' involved as well.

"On 17th July, I went to Mohsin's home and asked him to take our son's responsibility where he started beating me again! He refused to do anything for his son! Now I've had enough... I had enough of verbal & physical abuse. I had enough of divorce threats."

Haider responded to the allegations in a presser on Sunday, denying that he never physically assaulted Fatema.

The case quickly captured attention on social media, with prominent celebrities calling for justice.

Mahira Khan calls for children to be taught about consent and abuse so that violence is not normalised

Here's what Asim Azhar had to say

Mansha Pasha reiterates that domestic violence is never justified

Ushna Shah and Hania Amir, who have both worked with Mohsin Abbas Haider, came out in support of Fatema

Since then, Dua Malik, Gohar Rasheed, Humaima Malick and Hamza Ali Abbasi have also come out to corroborate parts of Fatema's account.

Mehwish Hayat drove home the point that we need to support victims when they open up about this hidden menace

Sajal Aly points out that a good thing about social media is that it's helping erode our culture of silence

Ahsan Khan says, and rightly so, that domestic abuse is a crime

Sadaf Kanwal says the images of Fatema "will forever haunt me"

Anchor Khalid Butt who has worked with the actor claimed he also witnessed some alterations between Mohsin and his family


Dr. Doctor Jul 22, 2019 03:57pm
Mohsin is toast. Media trial has started already. Although it does appear that he is guilty but who gave others the right to pass judgement without investigating? May be it's the current day and age's powerful social media that is to blame or partly himself as well as the wife who put it out for everyone to pass a judgement. The wife should've approached the authorities and following a proper verdict should the celebrities have spoken out (since they consider themselves bearers of justice to the society and are, in their opinion, filled with moral and ethical integrity)
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M. Saeed Jul 22, 2019 04:07pm
This case should go straight to the law for justice. Pictures of abuse must have been snapped by someone, who should be the eye-witness.
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Insaafian Jul 22, 2019 04:35pm
He is a classic psychopath. His eyes are dead and his emotions are very detached/removed. He might have that 'charm' factor but everytime I saw his work, I couldn't help but think that something was awry with this man.
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Uzay Yazdani Jul 22, 2019 04:38pm
_ I am certain he did.
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Ali Vazir BBTT Jul 22, 2019 04:38pm
If we honestly want to bring some positive change, we have to tackle the issue from both the sides. No doubt that abuse, verbal or physical is unacceptable, but it is a reality all over the world. The other side of the problem is that the women have also forgotten their nature. By nature, they are tend to be more decent, tolerant and compromising than men. Unless we accept the role of the captain of the ship, there cannot be smooth sailing. We must not promote 2 captains.
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Mani Jul 22, 2019 04:46pm
Mohsin's career is done. He should have left her if he didn't want to be with her but should have never physically assaulted her.
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taimoor sultan Jul 22, 2019 04:51pm
I am absolutely dumbfounded that so many celebrities knew about this and no one came forward. This is why people get away with wrong doings in our country because no one speaks out and others personal life matters cannot be used as an excuse to not report domestic violence and abuse. Shame on all these celebrities as they let the poor girl suffer for so long.
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Kalim Ullah Khan Jul 22, 2019 04:55pm
Bechara Mazloom Mard
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Ali Jul 22, 2019 04:57pm
We all are so fond of putting our nose into the private affairs of others.
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Jalbani Baloch Jul 22, 2019 05:02pm
It does not seem to be a good way to bring family matters on media. This is a failed effort to get public sympathy for a personal matter and remain in the limelight of media. If she has any problem with her partner, she can get it resolved at family level and, if not, then seek the remedy from court of law. At least, I have no sympathy for such type of people, who bring shame on their families.
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Saifuddin Takhtawala Jul 22, 2019 05:29pm
What a sham Mohsin Abbas? This is totally unacceptable and intolerable. You will face justice not only in this world but hereafter.
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Diesel Jul 22, 2019 05:38pm
Humaima Malik's epic comment "when baby was in stomach" Lolz
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Nripinder Jul 22, 2019 05:48pm
Some good news from Pakistan. It is good to learn about support for women's rights over the litany of violence and fanatacism geared news that is the run of the mill
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Karachi King Jul 22, 2019 05:50pm
All doing marketing increasing their TRP...
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Karachi King Jul 22, 2019 05:52pm
I am sure no one call Fatema and ask what exactly happen or sort the matter with concession, just started their drama on tweeter and showing they are the best in the world. Shame all of you...
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Ehsan Jul 22, 2019 06:28pm
Quite ashamed as a man. If you don’t get along just peacefully part ways.
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Zainab Jul 22, 2019 06:38pm
Bycottt HBR movies and dramas
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N_Saq Jul 22, 2019 06:51pm
Well, based on comments in this article Mohsin is guilty because as per this article there are many witnesses, therefore, what Fatema is saying is the truth. The question is will these people go to the court and corroborate Fatema's statement i.e. be a witness against Mohsin? Will they do the right thing and get Mohsin punished and stand up for the right cause? Will the law stand by the victim's side and severely punish Mohsin, in order to send a clear message to current and future generations that do not physically harm anyone i.e. an adult or a child? The reason for this attitude in the society is due to Feudal and Mullah mindset. Feudals beat people at whim and for Mullahs beating a woman and kids is okay plus they both think they are above the law. Will this case help end Feudalism and Mullahism from the country? Will media play its role and bring justice to Fatema? Will govt enact right laws? Or will everyone just go back to business as usual after some hue and cry?
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AXH Jul 22, 2019 07:02pm
A typical knee-jerk reaction. All of these people has delivered their verdict without even willing to hear the other side of the story.
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fairplay Jul 22, 2019 07:20pm
Let this be resolved in court. This media trial is useless, a she said versus he said. Unfair to all parties. Other cells need to be patient and mature, please keep quiet.
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Rashid Ali Jul 22, 2019 07:35pm
should be an exampler subject of law
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RIZ Jul 22, 2019 07:57pm
Things not looking good for Mohsin as in his recent interview he admitted using abusive language when he gets mad. I think in the court chances of his survival using medical ground and go for rehab.
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Ali Jul 22, 2019 08:09pm
@Nripinder hope some sanity prevails in your country too
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Hans Jul 22, 2019 08:16pm
he should be jailed
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bilal-atlanta Jul 22, 2019 08:18pm
ZERO eye witnesses have come forward. Circumstacial evidences have to be stronger than Hearsay. these are complex cases. you can not toast ONE person because other said something against him and showed her bruises. This happens ALL the time. Justice system exists for a reason. Keep your rants to yourself and let the Judge and Jury go through all evidence and decide. you can NOT ruin someone's life with accusatory commentary. I am shocked to see all these so called big actors of pakistan throwing cheap sentences to be politically correct knowing FULL well that all they have is Hearsay!! #irresponsible..
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Abdel Rahman Jul 22, 2019 09:31pm
Hamza Ali Abbasi is a hypocrite.
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Abdel Rahman Jul 22, 2019 09:33pm
@Uzay Yazdani , it doesnt matter what you think. It is important what the court decides. Sadly, media holds its trial ahead of court cases, in violation of basic laws and legal procedure codes. The media must also be held in strict contempt for lacking ethics and commenting in a lop sided manner on sub judice matters.
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Concerned Jul 22, 2019 09:59pm
We should not act like this to these tweets that is not responsible behaviour Anyone can say anything and someone’s life gets ruined That’s harassment. We should support genuine drives and not direct it to someone personal life without biases
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N_Saq Jul 22, 2019 10:42pm
All the commentators here suggesting to keep the matter quite or personal between Mohsin and Fatema or keeping it within family etc are the reason for the mess in the society. What they don't understand is that here a law had been broken (Mohsin hitting Fatema), so when somebody breaks a law you don't remain quite or work it out between families etc instead you bring the criminal to court for punishment in order to send a clear message to the society that such things are not acceptable. The reason these people say such things is because either they themselves are doing the same or they support such behavior. This mentality is the reason there are so many crooks in Pak because the problem with Pak society is that they feel sorry for criminals or try to protect the criminals. Pakistanis need to understand that when you feel sorry for criminals in actuality you are encouraging crime. The mindset should be if you see a crime, you must report it immediately (nip it in the bud).
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Gordon D. Walker Jul 22, 2019 11:39pm
Call the cops, not the media... Gordon D. Walker Canada
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Javed Mahmood Jul 23, 2019 12:07am
This is totally inhuman attitude.......beating wife that is pregnant is disgusting behaviour. If it is true whatever Fatema has claimed, the culprit must face the music.
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NKhan Jul 23, 2019 02:06am
@Ali Vazir BBTT Seriously you are saying that some women are asking to be hit because they try to be co-captain on the ship called marriage. Women should remember their 'nature' and remember that their husband is the captain meaning they should be submissive. Well in this particular case the wife says she caught her husband committing adultery but according to you she should have submissively accepted this. If these allegations are true then this woman gave her 'captain' another chance for a few months when she had every religious right to throw of the ship!
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EAA Jul 23, 2019 06:27am
@Ali Vazir BBTT I'm sorry but your comment is Abhorrent in the Extreme. There is absolutely NO reason to hit a woman. None. Zero. And what you just did, sir, is Blame The Victim. Shame on you.
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EAA Jul 23, 2019 06:29am
@Jalbani Baloch I think you are confused - HE brought shame upon himself and ASHAMED his family by hitting his wife. SHE did not shame herself or anyone else by talking about it.
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Azad Aziz Jul 23, 2019 09:16pm
Mahira Khan: “What gives anybody the right to raise their hand on anyone? Nothing. No excuse.” Please read 2:282; 4:34; and 2:223 to learn more.
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Texas Ranger Jul 24, 2019 12:13am
@Jalbani Baloch domestic violence is not a family issue. open your eyes. she just went to the police. the actor is a public figure so it will become public.
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Salam Jul 24, 2019 03:25am
@Ali Vazir BBTT so you want women to become doormats so they just put up with u acceptable behaviour that our mothers and grandmothers did?
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Afia Jul 24, 2019 10:59am
@Jalbani Baloch , Mohsin is the one who brought shame to his family and to all the men of pakistan. It is not Fatima. She is the BRAVE lady who brought awareness and gave courage to countless women in pakistan to stand up against cruelty and brutality committed by men every day in our society.
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Afia Jul 24, 2019 11:05am
@Ali Vazir BBTT , Are you justifying abuse??? 1 captain or 2 captain, NOTHING justify the abuse. And let me ask you this, are captains of the ships chosen based on GENDER ??? How come you assumed a violent/abuser/psychopath like Mohsin should have been considered Captain of the ship??? Look at the prison cells all around the world. 95% inmates are males and only 5% females. It shows hte VIOLENT nature of male gender. And a violent gender can NOT be automatically chosen leader of the household to have power/control over the others
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Afia Jul 24, 2019 11:06am
@AXH WHATEVER the other side of the story is, it does NOT justify physical abuse. Period
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Jokes Aside Jul 24, 2019 11:45am
Lets throw away the Judciary and hire these professional opinion keepers to uphold law and order in the country. Reactionary sentiments do not equal due process. Not in a mature Republic. The chachas and chachiyan of Pakistani social media need to calm down and refrain from commenting, unless due process has taken place and both claims are contested in a court of Law.
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imtiaz hydari Jul 24, 2019 12:05pm
Whatever story Mohsin puts out in defense is irrelevant. It is not just utterly disgraceful, but criminal to justify violence against any female leave alone your own wife and one who is pregnant with your child. Shame on you Mohsin Abbas Haider, i hope you are punished for your crime
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Jarring Jul 24, 2019 12:15pm
Basically, these celebrities are using this controversy for virtue signalling and gaining points just like they did in Ali-Meesha controversy. I would hold my judgement till the due process if followed and guilt is established.
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Raja Taimur Rehman Khan Jul 24, 2019 07:11pm
I agree, I met Mohsin once and can agree to the allegations being levelled here.
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Awaz.... Jul 24, 2019 11:54pm
@Afia ....Well Said!!!
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Awaz.... Jul 24, 2019 11:55pm
@Afia ... Exactly!!!
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