The Ambani's bizarre birthday video for their daughter in law is a gift for the rest of us

The Ambani's bizarre birthday video for their daughter in law is a gift for the rest of us

That said, it'd be funnier if it wasn't so regressive. Is this how rich people pressurise their bahus into having kids?
Updated 15 Jul, 2019

We all know the Ambanis have a ton of money, like A LOT.

But you wouldn't think it looking at their latest video, a 10-minute long birthday wish for their daughter-in-law, Shloka Akash Ambani, the daughter of diamantaire Russell Mehta.

Imagine being the richest family in India and producing THIS:

The clip may have been for Shloka's birthday but it's truly a gift for the rest of us.

We can't just pick one favourite part but this one is a strong contender.

Typical, we tell you!

Oh no, Shloku indeed.

This whole thing would be funnier if it wasn't SO regressive...

Please don't give them ideas!


Samia Jul 15, 2019 02:48pm
An 8 min long testimony on that (new) money can't buy you class and taste! The word tacky got a new dimension for sure, but good entertainment!
Sameer Jul 15, 2019 05:06pm
Haters gonna hate. Envious people will envy. But loved the fact in today’s age in laws still celebrate their daughter in law birthday same as their son.
Rubina Jul 15, 2019 06:38pm
Lovely gesture. Sadly in today’s age not all girls are lucky to get thoughtful mother in law like her.
Anil Jul 15, 2019 10:42pm
Why is he putting pressure on his DIL to get pregnant?
Pratik Y Jul 16, 2019 02:14am
Just a gentle reminder that Reliance today is worth more than all the companies on KSE combined.
Vijay B Jul 16, 2019 06:10am
Watched the subject Video through to its end. what a waste od time. i have nothing against the Ambanis, i wish them well, but IMH opinion this should have been a private video for the family not for public view
Pro Bono Publico Jul 16, 2019 06:10am
On a scale of 1 -10 where 1 is bad and 10 is excellent i shall give this birthday video 3. Why In a way there is a vulgar display of material things (not available to Indians of general kind). Secondly I failed to notice any sincerity in the delivery of the message or any response from the daughter in law.
Anis Motiwala Jul 16, 2019 10:09am
@Anil and buttering up with "beta beta" ... frnakly I found the whole exercise a projection of the susral not the bahu.
bhaRAT© Jul 16, 2019 02:21pm
@Pratik Y What's that got to do with this video?
mady Jul 17, 2019 10:21am
Such things are better discussed within dear ones. Kyoki 'kuch toh log kahenge logo ka kaam hain kehna''.
Kiaan Jul 18, 2019 01:13am
Wish they didn’t make it public.