Maya Ali almost did a movie with Akshay Kumar

Maya Ali almost did a movie with Akshay Kumar

But then as we all know, the ban happened...
05 Jul, 2019

Maya Ali could've been our next star to go to Bollywood but couldn't.

Speaking to Images, the actor revealed that she had been roped in to play opposite Akshay Kumar but it didn't pan out because of India's ban against Pakistani artists.

For the past two days, rumours have been a float about the actor working with Bollywood's Akshay Kumar in a movie but speaking to Images, Ali clarified that this is old news which actually started surfacing because, "for an interview with Masala UAE, I was asked if I've ever gotten such an offer to which I answered yes."

So does that mean that Maya Ali was actually working on a film? Maya reveals yes, saying, "When I was shooting for Mann Mayal, I got this offer for which I went to India."

She added, "Right after Mann Mayal I went to India, I auditioned, everything was finalised, but because of the ban things couldn't pan out as planned. Even after that we tried working things out, considered shooting at different locations besides India but things couldn't materialise."

"After the ban the dynamics changed, and as of now I am not doing any movie with Akshay Kumar."

Oh well, here's hoping we get to see them together onscreen some time in the future.