Foodpanda is celebrating our love for cricket and pizza. Here's how

Foodpanda is celebrating our love for cricket and pizza. Here's how

With its 'Cricket Fest' deal, foodpanda is bringing good ol' Pizza Hut memories back to us.
Updated 28 Jun, 2019

Pizza is always our go-to option when we're looking for a snack to watch our favourite game with.

And since foodpanda's #DekhtayJaoKhatayJao deals have big discounts now live on their platform, we have all the more reason to place our orders.

With tension on the rise in the ongoing ICC Cricket world cup, here's why we are picking pizza over everything else:

It's the perfect game-partner for anyone who hates being disturbed

The pizza slice asks no questions, makes no predictions and definitely provides much-needed comfort during a nail-biting match.

Foodpanda has it on discount

In addition to the #DekhtayJaoKhatayJao deals, offering up to 70% off on various eateries, foodpanda has joined hands with good ol' Pizza Hut to bring an exclusive CWC deal.

With this deal, we get a regular pizza of our choice with four pieces of garlic bread and drinks on the side for Rs499 instead of Rs699.

Order it here.

It's the ultimate comfort food

We feel pizza is the ideal food partner for the simple reason that it's pizza. It's comfort food at its best.

About the collaboration

Since 2017, Pizza Hut has been a vital part of the foodpanda platform.

We feel the collaboration has come a long way in its quest to celebrate the best deals for customers.

Valid till the 14th of July, this deal is one of the many ways foodpanda is celebrating Pakistan's favourite sporting event this year.

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Facts Matter Jun 28, 2019 05:14pm
Pizza and sugary drinks are about the worst when it comes to nutrition value. Better to stick to many desi snacks that are healthier.
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Chris Roberts Jun 29, 2019 08:20am
@Facts Matter Pizza can be delicious and healthy, depending, of course, on the toppings and the quality of the ingredients. One of my favourites is pizza topped with grilled vegetables and chicken. But the authentic Italian pizza has almost nothing in common with what passes for pizza in America.
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Pizza comfort Jun 29, 2019 01:06pm
@Facts Matter yes but we like pizza
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