Heer Maan Ja will send a message about honour killing, says producer Imran Kazmi

Updated 15 Jun, 2019 07:11pm

Irfan Ul Haq

The film starring Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan comes out on Eid ul Azha

Upcoming rom-com Heer Maan Ja, starring Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan, will be more than just a laugh riot.

Producer Imran Kazmi says like all the films made by his usual team, this one will come with "some subliinal messages".

"Like all our films, we will delicately touch on a social message. In Siyaah, we touched on black magic, in Janaan we talked about pedophilia, in Parchi we pushed for a female protagonist. In Heer Maan Ja, we will lightly discuss honour killing... and how in our society women are still suppressed in some households."

Heer Maan Ja will follow how the life of Heer, a young woman from a slightly conservative household, intersects with Kabir's, a passionate architect who only has skyscrappers on his mind. However, when the two characters meet, their lives take an unexpected turn. We'll have to watch the film to find out what that was!

"They're both very different chararacters and don't always agree with each other," adds Kazmi.

Talking about his character Kabir, Ali Rehman added, "This is the most fun I've had while working on a character. I always like to reinvent myself every time when I try to do a character and I hope that comes through when people see Kabir. I've tried hard to distinguish him from my other roles."

Heer Maan Ja will release on Eid ul Azha.