In a world where the humanities tend to be downplayed as 'softer' disciplines, Netflix is here to say that cinema wouldn't be the same without a dedicated study of world history.

In a Twitter thread earlier this week, Netflix pointed out how the dwindling number of history majors could spell bad news for the film industry. It posted examples of how some major film works are shaped by a historian's expertise.

Like in Lincoln, historian Catherine Clinton's work informed the kind of bond shown between Abraham Lincoln and First Lady Mary Todd:

Another historian Jan Jagielski's knowledge of Jewish-Polish events made The Pianist the historically accurate film it is today.

Historian Hannah Greig has reportedly been on speed dial for directors like The Duchess's Ralph Fiennes.

Historians are also immensely helpful with the nitty-gritties, like John Neal Phillips was for The Highwaymen.

Here's hoping that this inspires Pakistan's filmmakers to seek out historical expertise to perfect their scripts.