Katrina Kaif calls for more female-centric films in Bollywood

Published 31 May, 2019 11:28am

Images Staff

Katrina also talks about signing her latest film Bharat

After 16 years in Bollywood, Katrina Kaif knows what's missing.

In her latest interview, she said that she wanted to see more female-centric films.

“We need big commercial filmmakers to make a female lead or female-centric films. I want that to happen. I have said this to Zoya Akhtar and other friends. I would like to see that happen,” she said.

Talking about her own choice of films, the Bharat star admitted that strong female characters are hard to come by but she picks role based on the growth they offer her: "To grow as an actor and further myself in my career, I have to learn and experiment more and try out different roles. I have to pick up roles that challenge me. The idea is to work with directors who will bring out these aspects of me that I would like to see on the screen."

“It is about finding a right balance. The year I did ‘Rajneeti’, I also had a glamorous film (‘Tees Maar Khan’),” she added.

Katrina will next be seen in Bharat, which she feels she was destined to be a part of.

“[Director] Ali [Abbas Zafar] said, ‘There is a little bit of change for some reason’. He sent me the script and I loved it. It was something that I wanted to take as a challenge. I felt there was a lot for me to do in the film. It was a fantastic experience.”