Mohsin Abbas Haider and wife welcome a baby boy

Updated 21 May, 2019 10:46am

Images Staff

The entertainment industry congratulated the actor after he announced the arrival of Haider Abbas Mohsin

Mohsin Abbas Haider and wife Fatima Naqvi have had a baby boy!

On Monday night, the Na Maloom Afraad actor took to Instagram to share the happy news.

"Haider Abbas Mohsin has arrived," shared Haider in his post, not sharing a picture of the baby. We don't mind though, we already know he must be adorable!

Mohsin Abbas' friends from the industry rejoiced at the news and congratulated him, wishing a happy life for little Haider Abbas Mohsin.

Mohsin Abbas Haider and Fatima Naqvi have been married since 2015. We wish them well on their new stage of life as parents to little Haider Abbas Mohsin.