Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah received the Premier League Golden Boot as his division's top scorer after Liverpool's final match of the season but that's not why he's trending.

Salah's five-year-old daughter attended the match and was right there by his side when he received the Golden Boot.

The event was rather somber as Liverpool missed out on the title to Manchester City but little Makka knew how to cheer everyone up; by scoring a goal.

Of course the crowd cheered her on and went wild on her goal while a proud Salah watched on beaming. After the second goal he went on to give her a big hug and joined her for a session, making all of us go 'Dawww!' We really can't resist a precious father-daughter moment.

Well it's clear that the apple didn't fall far from the tree and Makka Salah is definitely inspired by her father - who is the sixth person in history to receive the Golden Boot. Fathers, take note! This is how you should encourage your daughters' talents and dreams.