Here's how this brand is lighting up 'Hasaas Rishtay' with a unique campaign

Here's how this brand is lighting up 'Hasaas Rishtay' with a unique campaign

We feel the TVC creates impact by building on the 'sensitivity' concept with effective story-telling.
Updated 03 Jun, 2019

We feel this story highlights one simple question: how do simple gestures help nurture relationships?

'Hasaas Rishtay' is a two-minute lesson on valuing bonds that keep us spirited to meet everyday challenges.

We feel there's a lot more than just the messaging that creates impact, and here's us discussing it all:

1. The story feels real.... and relatable

Last minute work mails putting a damper on evening plans? We've been there too.

We feel the campaign highlights real people with real life issues, and that for us translates straight into effective communication.

2. Not all campaigns need star power and exotic travel destinations to prove their worth

We see mainstream celebs taking up major advertising space on screen these days, and this ad breaks that very clutter in all the right ways; the two characters in the story ably empower the campaign's big message.

3. Impact isn't always directly linked to in-the-face branding

Read that again.

We love how the ad keeps focus restricted to real story-telling and isn't marred by indefinite product shots.

This way, we feel, the TVC ends up creating bigger impact by just building on the 'sensitivity' concept.

Watch full TVC here:

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