Surf Excel's new Ramazan ad portrays the spirit of selflessly giving and caring

Surf Excel's new Ramazan ad portrays the spirit of selflessly giving and caring

Like its previous campaigns, this ad also tells a heartwarming story that aligns with the blessings of the holy month.
Updated 03 Jun, 2019

The new Surf Excel ad is making rounds on the internet… and for all the right reasons.

The heartwarming ad portrays altruism as its key concept, with its main message being mujhse pehle tuu.

In the wake of the holy month of Ramazan, the film urges people to help each other selflessly, and to will for others what they will for themselves.

Here are some of our thoughts on the first look of the film:

1. It portrays the spirit of Ramazan

The ad begins with a glimpse of the joy and festivities Ramazan brings to our lives. There are smiles everywhere, the hustle bustle in the streets, and the packed masjid.

2. It makes use of heartwarming lyrics and a gripping storyline

The storyline keeps the audience riveted throughout, with touching lyrics playing in the background. As with previous ad campaigns by Surf Excel, the story revolves around a kid.

The little boy comes off as a hero, and the lyrics remind the viewers why the kid is going through so much trouble for a friend.

3. It shows the importance of relationships

The film starts with the mother lovingly praying for the wellbeing of her son, and ends on another mother smiling through her tears watching her son and his friend.

The bond and power of friendship portrayed in the ad makes the entire story all the more beautiful.

Watch it here:

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N. Rahim, Toronto May 14, 2019 08:09pm
If this is the real spirit of the country -- how can it ever fail? Allah bless Pakistan.
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S May 15, 2019 12:22am
this entire line of ads is dumb and totally irrational. my generation used to actually play outside and believe it or not we actually cared about cleanliness yet still lo and behold we learned a lot .. we were not messy because we actually cared about our moms and water waste c'mon this is just completely obvious emotional blackmail
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helping hands May 15, 2019 09:09am
Yawn! This is what I did when I first saw this ad. This idea is really overdone, guys. Move away from exaggerated emotions already, please.
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ashar May 15, 2019 10:39am
I do not want to offend anyone here but the creators of this advertisement and the company are playing with religion to promote their product and every year this is happening in Pakistan by all companies. Please stop using religion to promote your products, whether cleaning products or cooking products.
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