Mahira Khan decided to have another session of 'Ask Mahira' today and she had some great answers.

From revealing her favourite lip balm - Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream FYI - to other skincare tips like the importance of moisturising, she was on a roll answering the queries on her Insta Story. But fans always wanna know more.

One curious fan asked about her upcoming project Superstar and what's it like working with actor Bilal Ashraf. And Mahira decided to give us a sneak peak into the film along with her answer.

The actor shared the picture of the two in black and white, saying "It's been a pleasure working with Bilal Ashraf!"

We're getting some major old school vibes from the film - 60's classic movies anyone? - and can't wait to know more about the movie.

Oh also, Mahira also emphasises on cleansing your face before you go to sleep. So get on that