As we await the barrage of Ramazan transmissions to hit the airwaves, popular host Sanam Baloch has said that she's opting out of Ramazan shows this year.

In a statement on Instagram, Sanam Baloch said that she won't be hosting any Ramazan shows but sends good vibes to her colleagues who "would be providing us with pedagogic and pragmatic transmissions as usual."

Talking about the reasons behind her decision, she said, "After [wrapping up my] morning show, I had decided to take a break from daily transmissions and I will abide by it."

She also cautioned her fans, "It has come to my notice that certain channels and agencies are using my name, claiming that I'm taking over their transmission. It's nothing but an unauthentic news. If there's anything, you'll hear from me first."

Sanam Baloch can currently be seen in TV drama Khaas on Hum TV.