Rishi Kapoor confirms that he is now cancer-free

Published 04 May, 2019 08:22am

Images Staff

The Kapoor & Sons star reveals he'll undergo a bone marrow transplant soon

While fans were worried by Rishi Kapoor's sudden departure to the US for an unspecified treatment, good news eventually came to them in the form of his brother Randhir confirming this week that he is well on the road to recovery.

And just yesterday, Rishi spoke to Deccan Chronicle and confirmed that he is now cancer-free. This is the first time the Bollywood veteran has acknowledged rumours that he was battling cancer.

He said, "My eighth month of treatment started on May 1 in the US. But God has been kind! I am in remission, meaning now I am cancer-free.”

He added, “I will have to do a bone-marrow transplant which in all probability should take another two months minimum.”

Thanking his fans for their prayers, he said, “Being in remission is a big thing and it’s all because of my family and my fans prayers and duas that have worked.”

Talking about his family's support, he said that his wife Neetu “has stood by me like a rock" and "my kids Ranbir and Ridhima have really shouldered my problems.”

Now that he's weathered this storm, Rishi has had some time to reflect. He said, “A person like me who has never had patience, this is God’s way to teach me patience. Getting well is a slow procedure. But it makes you grateful for the gift of life.”