No, Mahira Khan didn't get engaged in Turkey last month

Published 02 May, 2019 03:48pm

Irfan Ul Haq

An Indian tabloid has run rumours of her 'engagement' but sources close to the star have said they're false

Looks like Mahira Khan has fallen victim to the rumour mill again.

An Indian tabloid published 'rumours' that the Verna star has secretly swapped rings with her beau while she was in Turkey last month.

However, sources close to Mahira have said that the rumour is false and that she was attending a wedding in Turkey with friends.

This isn't the first time that Indian tabloids have run gossip about Mahira's love life. When a photo of her and Ranbir Kapoor smoking at a New York street corner went viral in 2017, many Indian websites were quick to concoct stories about an alleged romance between the two actors.

At the time, Ranbir defended her, saying: "Everyone has their own interpretation. Everyone has their own set of values. Everyone has an opinion. You can hear them but you needn’t subscribe to them. At the end of the day, one should just live and let live and focus on more important things. Mahira is a great performer and an entertainer. One should ideally just engage with her at just that level."