This brand is making celebs take the #21DayChallenge to encourage healthier habits

This brand is making celebs take the #21DayChallenge to encourage healthier habits

Peek Freans Sugar-Free Whole Wheat Slices are inspiring values of health and self-care.
Updated 02 May, 2019

Peek Freans, with its sugar-free Whole Wheat Slices, is on a mission to inspire Pakistan to invest time in self-care; the brand is starting the journey with some of our most favourite celebs.

In an attempt to encourage round-the-clock healthy snacking, the brand has introduced a healthier, sugar-free variant of Whole Wheat Slices.

Here's all we've seen on the internet so far:

1. Hareem Farooq has a message for us.

2. Danish Ali has begun his journey with some exercise.

3. Emmad Irfani is 'highly motivated' to get started with his new routine.

4. Looks like the campaign roped Bilal Khan in, and is helping him make good choices.

5. Ramsha Khan shared her weekly progress on how she is meeting her fitness targets.

6. Fatima Irfan shared a few other tips too!

Why is everybody taking the #21DayChallenge?

In an attempt to push Pakistan towards building healthier choices, Peek Freans has introduced a sugar-free variant of its Whole Wheat Slices which is also available in a handy snack pack for Rs10.

Packed with whole wheat bran, these crackers aim to provide the goodness of fiber along with low-cal energy.

Whole wheat bran is known to aid:

  • digestion
  • decreasing bad cholesterol
  • weight loss

According to the brand, the product owns a four-month long shelf life which goes to prove that it packs in all-natural bran ingredients.

Is it really sugar-free?

The brand tells us that Whole Wheat Slices replaces regular white sugar with Sorbitol which is obtained from a natural fermentation process, and is essentially a fruit-derived sugar.

Peek Freans has also removed malt extracts to free the Slices of ingredients that become carriers of unhealthy sugars.

For more updates on how the brand is encouraging great self-care journeys, head over to their official hashtags on Facebook and Instagram: #21DayChallenge and #WholesomeLiving.

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Hasan May 02, 2019 04:46pm
There is no such thing as a healthy biscuit with a shelf life of six months or more.
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Sky May 02, 2019 04:52pm
There is a trick here they say it's sugar-free not carbs free (wheat has carbs) and you can't lose weight when there are carbs.
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Imran Ayyaz May 02, 2019 07:27pm
But the official website of the biscuits mentions "Sugar" as one of the ingredients
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bupi May 02, 2019 10:05pm
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Ali May 03, 2019 12:58pm
@Sky LOL! you wouldnt be able to live a healthy life without carbs either. Natural sugar in wheat is good for the body. Refined sugar is the killer!
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