Model Areeba Habib says she's going to start vlogging about her life to show fans that celebrities are just like regular people.

Speaking to Images, Areeba said, "In Pakistan, people think celebrities aren't human. They think we don't eat or shower or do anything that regular people do. That's why whenever a photo emerges or a rumour surfaces, people go mad over it. I want to finish this concept."

In her first video, she takes her followers through a day in her life, on which she's doing a magazine shoot.

"I want to show people that we are also someone's daughter, sister, cousin, just like them. We have friends. We've gone to school and university. We like to eat out. We also buy sastay clothes from Ashiana or Gulf. We also have budgets, houses to run. We don't necessarily have have tons of money," says Areeba.

"When we interact directly with our fans and show them that we also cook our own dinners, mop our floors, change our sheets, they'll start viewing us as humans. If we directly share our lives with them, they don't feel shocked or heartbroken by things that they don't expect from us."

While she gives glimpses of her professional life in her first video, Areeba says she wants to make videos about "what's good and cheap in the market, what I'm buying, because we also try to save. I want to show that we don't only live the high life, we try to be financially savvy like everyone else. I will show my travels, shoot life, my makeup routine and lots more." .