Bushra Ansari has something to say about the tense ties between Pakistan and India but she won't just say it, she'll rap it.

The actor teams up with sisters Asma Abbas and Neelum Ahmad Bashir for track 'Humsaye Maa Jaye', a song that calls for peace between the two countries.

Asma and Bushra perform the track and Neelum has written it.

Bushra and Asma play Indian and Pakistani neighbours respectively, who are kept apart not just by a wall but the animosity between the two countries.

In their lyrics, they hint towards the fact that the average Pakistani and Indian wants peace but it is the politics and war-mongering that keeps them apart.

This is the first video that has been uploaded on Bushra Ansari's YouTube account.

They have described their release as "a music video that goes beyond war and borders to the hearts of people living so close, and yet so far away."