While Meera is getting formally inducted in Pakistan's new age of cinema with her lead role in Saqib Malik's Baaji, we're going to get a reminder of her Lollywood past with her other 2019 film Sohni MahiWal!

The film isn't exactly a new one, shares Meera in conversation with Images.

She says, "The film was being made a few years ago but then there massive fights over dates. The production stopped, I left for India and did Simran and Jhansi Ki Raani. So the film never completed."

When she wordlessly shared the Sohni Mahiwal poster on Instagram today, her post did reveal the film comes out soon, like April 5 soon.

"I recently shot the last scene for the film. And now they quickly announced the release date. For one scene, this film was delayed for six years," says Meera.

A tragic folk legend like Heer Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwal will see Meera and Moammar Rana feature as the starcrossed couple. Elaborating on the film, Meera added, "Forbidden love, baap ki izzat, iss type ki cheezain hain film main." Shafqat Cheema and Arbaaz Khan also star in the film directed by Rasheed.

When asked if she's busy with the film promotions, she says she'll consider going to the press conference. "They're going by the old strategy of promotions. They'll do one press conference, I'll go for that. No one really promotes Lollywood producers anymore even though they also spend a lot of time and money making films."

When asked whether she sees herself doing more 'Lollywood-style movies', Meera says, "I would like to see Lollywood merge with new technology. I am going to move into film production soon. Earlier, I didn't have the knowledge but I studied, I learned in India. So I will no longer just do what the director says. I will no longer give my name to any film that I am not directly involved in."