It's not a commercial film, she reassures us.
It's not a commercial film, she reassures us.

Kiran Tabeir of Jeewan Hathi has a horror film coming out soon and we're already excited to see what's in store.

Titled Kataksha, the film is a thriller filled with horror and suspense. "It's a story of four people who go on a journey and what happens on that trip," Kiran tells Images.

It's not a commercial film, she reassures us. "There are no items numbers, no love scenes, it's not a glamorous film - it's a different story, a different kind of cinema."

"There is a place in Pakistan, Katas Raj, this film is based on that place and I am the lead," she explains. "Saleem Miraj is playing opposite me. It's not a film about a hero and heroine - you won't find a conventional hero."

"It's a story of four people working at a news channel, I'm the producer of a show, Saleem is the driver, Kasim Khan is a director of photography (dop) and Namrah Shahid is the show's host. We record shows at haunted places and we find out that there is a place where a murder took place and it's haunted. We decide to go there to record a show to see if it is actually haunted or not.

The film explores "what happens with us there, how the story takes a turn, the twist of events and whether the place is haunted or not... whether jinns exist or not."

The film has been written and directed by Abu Aleeha, who also directed upcoming horror flick Arifa featuring Mathira.