Orient textiles has a new collection out with affordable, summery prints.
Orient textiles has a new collection out with affordable, summery prints.

Gone are the chilly winds of winter - no need to stay huddled under the duvets any longer.

It’s time to embrace the sweltering heat (weather here knows no in-between) and catch up with our besties over summer drinks and gratifying brunches.

Confused about the what-to-wear dilemma? Orient textiles have got style sorted for the tee this season with their new spring-summer collection.

Here are our top picks from their unstitched lawn range which would look perfect at most summer events:

For the woman on the go

We are calling dibs on the muted prints and light-on-the eyes (and pocket) hues of Orient’s pastel chic collection. With statement touches and subtle embroidery, these are great to rock the daytime, work place look.

Plus, the summery, pastel shades paired with neutral bottoms leave a lot of room for personalised accessorising here.

For the girl who likes to shine bright

The fiery, go-getter in us is all about loud hues for a more dominant presence in our Orient’s rung de collection pieces. The contrasting colour scheme, low-key embellishments and intricate embroidery makes the collection a befitting choice for any semi formal, post-dusk event.

For ladies who prefer subtle yet classy tones

Orient’s folk nama collection stays true to earthy origins and presents a diverse design range featuring embroidery with some creative touches here and there.

We think it is perfect for the kind of all-rounder look to sport effortlessly any time of the day.

Which ones would you pick?

To view more designs, follow Orient on Instagram or drop by to one of their retail outlets.

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