Ali Sethi's Coke Studio hit will feature in Jemima Khan's documentary on Pakistani murder convict

Published 06 Mar, 2019 02:07pm

Images Staff

The Case Against Adnan Syed soundtrack include songs by Nick Cave, Lana Del Ray and more

The hit podcast Serial and its protagonist Adnan Syed has been in the news again ever since the announcement of a Jemima Khan-produced documentary on the case.

Now we're hearing that Pakistani singer Ali Sethi's Coke Studio hit 'Umraan Langiyaan’ will be featured in the documentary. The song, sung as duet with Nabeel Shaukat on Coke Studio Season 8, will join the likes of Lana Del Rey, Nick Cave, Cat Power and Michael Stipe, according to a press release. Only Sethi's portion of the eight-minute song will be in the documentary.

How did 'Umraan' land up in the documentary? The documentary puts a spotlight on the efforts of the protagonist's lawyer friend Rabia Chaudhary who fought for his re-trial after he was sentenced to a life sentence plus thirty years. According to a press release, she was listening to Sethi's version of 'Umraan Langiyaan’ as she was researching the case.

“It’s always heartening to know that your work affects people,” said Sethi in a statement. “I can’t wait to watch the film.”

The song will be featured in the second episode of the documentary.