Model Amna Baber ties the knot!

Updated 18 Feb, 2019 12:29pm

Images Staff

The Pakistani model has tied the knot with Zahid Noon and the couple look adorable together

Model Amna Baber has much to celebrate.

The Pakistani tied the knot with Zahid Noon on Sunday afternoon, and the couple look adorable together.

Speaking to Image the model disclosed, "It was only immediate family members, we did not invite any of our friends because I always wanted to get married in a private wedding ceremony."

She added, "I've seen so many weddings on social media and I really believe in nazar (the evil eye), so I wanted something small. I think big weddings are a waste of money for me -- I'm not blaming anyone [for having big weddings], that's just how I feel."

Amna took to Instagram Monday morning to share the news with her fans. "Love, laughter and happily ever after. #Married," she captioned the photos with her husband.

"I did my own makeup and my in-laws gave me the dress, it's from Elan," said the model. Amna chose to wear a light jora on her nikkah - white with a green dupatta and gold to complete the look.

When asked if there are any other events in store, Amna laughed and said no. "Usually the main wedding event is the nikkah and then the ruskhati after that. The nikkah happened at my house and right after it was the rukhsati, and I think that was enough.

"We left for London right after, and yes that's my wedding for everyone."

Here's to wishing the newly weds a happy life ahead!