Donald Trump and Melania Trump nominated for 'Worst Actor' awards

Donald Trump and Melania Trump nominated for 'Worst Actor' awards

The US President and First Lady were nominated for the mock awards called the Razzies
22 Jan, 2019

John Travolta’s John Gotti biopic Gotti has topped the 39th annual Razzie Awards with a co-leading six nominations, while President Donald Trump also earned a nod for worst actor.

In nominations announced Monday, Gotti, the Will Ferrell comedy Holmes & Watson, conservative provocateur Dinesh D’Souza’s Death of a Nation and the R-rated puppet comedy Happytime Murders all earned six nominations.

Nominated for worst picture are “Gotti,” ″The Happytime Murders,” ″Holmes & Watson,” ″Robin Hood” and “Winchester.”

Along with Johnny Depp in “Sherlock Gnomes” and Travolta in “Gotti,” the Razzies nominated Trump in “Death of a Nation” and Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9″ for worst actor. It also nominated Trump and “his self-perpetuating pettiness” for worst screen combo. Melania Trump was nominated for worst supporting actress.

Winners will be revealed on February 23.


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Skeptic Jan 22, 2019 01:41pm
I would nominate Donald Trump for being the Worst Human on earth!
Babu Jan 22, 2019 01:50pm
Melania Trump is the most beautiful and fashionable First Lady in the world. She deserves the best and can give run to anyone is Oscars of fame.
Vinod Jan 22, 2019 02:08pm
Worst US President and First lady.
Waseem Jan 22, 2019 03:23pm
Melania Trump worst supporting actor, hahahahahaa epic.