Margot Robbie sees more women directors emerging in post-#MeToo Hollywood

Margot Robbie sees more women directors emerging in post-#MeToo Hollywood

The Mary Queen of Scots star isn't taking for granted that she was directed by a woman in her latest film
06 Jan, 2019

Mary Queen of Scots star Margot Robbie is seeing the impact of the #MeToo movement unfolding in Hollywood and says that the environment is ripe for more women-led storytelling.

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Robbie pointed out, “Right now, I’m promoting a film [Mary Queen of Scots] directed by a woman. I just wrapped a film where most heads of departments where female roles, it’s a female-led ensemble piece. And I’m in prep for a film with a second-time female director with a big budget behind it.”

She underlines that we shouldn't be taking women directors for granted because it takes the faith of multiple people for them to be able to do their jobs. "“I think up until recent times, saying that [I have a female director] and actually getting people to put their money behind that were two different conversations. I think it’s easy to say, ‘Yes, wouldn’t that be nice,’ it’s quite another to say, ‘Yes, I’ll sign off on that decision.'”

Robbie continued, “People like Focus [Features] and Working Title [Films] hired Josie [Rourke — director of Mary Queen of Scots] on this and backed those choices, that’s a brave thing to do.”

Robbie sees more women directors emerging in post-#MeToo Hollywood: “I’m seeing more of it now. I don’t know why it’s taken so long to recognize that, ‘Hey, maybe we should swim.’ But everyone came to that conclusion and the next step from that point was to make more female-driven content because so many females buy tickets to movies.”

She added, “And the next step beyond that was, ‘Let’s have females telling those stories,’ those female-driven stories. Which, you know, it takes time but I’m definitely seeing the change.”