Atif Aslam tries something new with '12 Bajay'

Published 13 Dec, 2018 02:10pm
Finally, an Atif Aslam song without the lovey dovey!
Finally, an Atif Aslam song without the lovey dovey!

Atif Aslam decided to kick things up a notch and it's working!

The singer just released a new single '12 Bajay' and we're happy to say it's not yet another lovey dovey song. Instead, Aslam is showing fans a glimpse of his life with a nice dose of rock n roll.

The track starts slow-paced like an average Atif track but just when you least expect it, '12 Bajay' picks up really well and has a catchy hook with a riff you can head bang to. We're shooketh.

The video has a lot of 80's inspired content and artwork but overall shows Atif in his daily life, being a singer and working on new music, almost as if to show how his creativity works. It goes well with the music as the track has a riff very reminiscent of 80's rock.

'12 Bajay' is proof that Atif Aslam was influenced by Matt Sorum and Gilby Clarke since they initially collaborated in 2010. And we're glad. Don't get us wrong, Atif may have his niche but it's good to see him branch out.