Updated 01 Dec, 2018

We've seen Fawad Khan in hero mode plenty of times on screen, but actor Nadia Jamil's latest account on Twitter shows he's quite the knight in shining armour in real life too.

Earlier today, Nadia shared how she suffered an epileptic episode during a local flight and her Behadd co-star helped her cope: "When all goes well but exhaustion finally breaks me down and [I have] 2 seizures as [the] plane lands. Suddenly I hear a voice [saying] 'it’s okay' [and] it's Fawad Khan who calls my brother, opens my suitcase, gives me meds [and] doesn't leave me till I'm safe with my brother."

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She further described him as knowing exactly what to do in a crisis situation: "Fawad was amazing. Everyone should be like him in a time of crisis. Respectful, understated, calm, kind, utterly heroic, reliable, humble. He was off for a shoot. Stopped everything [to] help me till my brother got [to] me. I truly want my sons [to] learn from him. Utter gentleman, total humanitarian."

Nadia's mother Nusrat Jamil, of course, was also all praise for Fawad:

Guess superstar Fawad is also a super-dependable friend and we're glad he was there to help Nadia when she really needed him!


M. Saeed Dec 01, 2018 01:01pm
Good man . A better hero in real life.
Parvez Dec 01, 2018 01:16pm
It because of people like Nadia Jamil and Fahad Khan that one still has faith .... and we know that all is not list ...... thank you Dawn for sharing this.
Silver Dec 02, 2018 10:25pm
Love you Nadia and Fawad Khan .