Farhad Humayun is all smiles post brain tumour removal surgery

Farhad Humayun is all smiles post brain tumour removal surgery

The singer revealed earlier this month that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumour
18 Nov, 2018

Farhad Humayun has much to celebrate!

The singer, who earlier this month shared that he had been diagnosed with brain tumour, has now posted on Facebook that he is well and ready to get back on stage.

He wrote: "Made my first public appearance in months, last night, among friends fans and well wishers, after my life altering surgery. Thank you for the love, light and prayers. To infinity & beyond!"

When the singer broke the news earlier, he said he had received the diagnosis a couple of weeks before and was lucky to have found "the greatest surgeon in the world" to operate on the tumour.

Though he had not specified in his post whether the tumour was cancerous, he did tell his fans that a seizure was the first symptom of his illness and that his doctor believed his "active and healthy lifestyle and general attitude of positivity" will contribute to his quick recovery.

Which can only be true because throughout these two weeks Farhad was posting updates for fans sharing that he is doing well and recovering post surgery.


Mohsin Ali Syed Nov 18, 2018 05:39pm
May Allah grant him health and all those suffering from various illnesses health as well. A'meen Ya Rab-ul-Ala'meen.
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Ehsan Nov 18, 2018 08:04pm
Wonderful to hear the he has recovered well
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Sam Nov 19, 2018 05:39am
Dear Farhad, I recently discovered your beautiful songs other than the collaborations with Pappu Saein. What an original artist and musician you are! Wish you Speedy recovery although I am shocked but relieved to hear that you are doing fine.
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