This cross-cultural wedding in Sialkot is breaking the internet right now

Published 16 Nov, 2018 03:35pm

Imran Sadiq

21-year-old Kashif met Maria Helena, a 41-year-old reiki master from California, online a year ago. They are now married

While the DeepVeer wedding storm continues to brew from Italy to India, a slightly different kind of nuptials has piqued the interest of Pakistani social media.

Instagram buds-turned-lovebirds Kashif Ali and Maria Helena Abrams tied the knot in a Sialkot hotel yesterday and people are amazed at the match.


While Kashif is a 21-year-old B.Com student from the Raipur village, Maria is a 41-year-old reiki master, driver and dog trainer from California! How did their paths even cross?!

Speaking to the press, Kashif explained that the two became friends over Instagram and the rest, as they say, is history.

Their wedding was a private affair (except that lots of press was present!) as Kashif's family elders decided to exclude extended family and friends from the wedding event and only invited close relatives. Hafiz Shakeel Ahmed officiated the wedding.

Speaking to media after the wedding, Maria Helena said she felt "very loved, and a little sleepy".

When asked how she feels about Kashif, she answered, "Kashif is wonderful. I love him. He makes me happy."

"I don't know whether we'll live in Pakistan or America and it doesn't matter as long as we're together."

She confirmed hearsay that she's embraced Islam and said that she will now go by Maria.