Here's how PSO fueled Guliafshan Tariq's biking journey across Punjab

Updated 08 Nov, 2018 04:09pm


Keep reading for tips on how to plan a biking excursion on your own

Keep reading for tips on how to plan a biking excursion on your own
Keep reading for tips on how to plan a biking excursion on your own

We have some amazing role models around us who have shown biking across the country is not only possible, but also an experience worth trying.

Even better, there are some flagship institutions like PSO who ensure that journeys are taken with absolute confidence by anyone who wants to explore the diverse landscape of Pakistan.

One such person is Guliafshan Tariq, the first woman to bike across the country and look amazing while doing it. Her journey through Punjab this summer was fueled by PSO.

Guliafshan holds three national records to her name, and is breaking stereotypes everyday while biking across Pakistan.

But we get it! It is a toughie to plan such an adventurous excursion on your own. With the right tactics, however, you'll be on your way to hit all the landmarks in Pakistan in no time, just like Guliafshan!

Here are some tips:

1) Plan your stops

No matter how spontaneous you feel, you do not want to get on your bike and hit the road without any plan in hand.

Even if you have a route planned, what's more important is knowing where you can stop. Make sure you know about fueling stations and restaurants on your way, and also places where you can stop for the night or just a few hours to relax and energise yourself.

2) Pack lightly

It sounds obvious but you need to keep a light hand with what you need on your trip. The best idea would be a back pack and a duffel at most, with only the very essential items inside.

You might wonder about medicine and sustenance, but the truth is that you can get these things anywhere. Many PSO stations, for example, also have stop-n-shop points where you can fill up on just enough for your journey until the next stop.

3) Get help on board

Guliafshan made an amazing solo trip, but she definitely had help and support along the way which made her trip even better. One such aid was PSO, which offered to be her fueling partner, claiming to support such adventures of the wanderlust.

Guidance from mentors or fellow travelers who have experience of being on the roads is also something that you should consider.

4) Engage with the locals

Guliafshan recalls that one of the highlights of her experience was meeting the lovely people during her journey. Their warm and inviting demeanor made her trip even more memorable.

So don't just keep the mission in mind, but also take time out to meet people, experience the hospitality and culture, and devour lots of yummy food!

Who knows, you might make long lasting contacts that'll encourage you for another trip!

5) Tell us everything!

Sure, make the memories for yourself and complete an important phase in your life, but get us in on it!

Updating your social media and seeing the love pouring in just might give you the boost on those days where you just feel exhausted and don't think you can go on.

Also, you never know who you inspire and empower to become a wanderluster too!

Journey through Punjab, an initiative powered by PSO, may be a true test of one’s endurance but it’s a great way to explore the untrodden beauty of Punjab. Guliafshan discovered wonders of Punjab’s natural and cultural beauty all on her bike and ended up projecting a beautiful image of Pakistan, all thanks to PSO.

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