'Meri Awaz' aims to demolish all that stands in the way of social acceptance.
'Meri Awaz' aims to demolish all that stands in the way of social acceptance.

Dalda's latest campaign, #MeriAwaz, is on a mission to shun classic stereotypes that children, specially young Pakistani girls, encounter as they grow.

The campaign is supported by a number of celeb-moms who have been celebrated for their work towards the cause in the past few years.

Celebs like Aamina Shiekh, Nadia Hussain, Samina Peerzada, Mishayl Naek, Sarwat Gillani, Amna Isaani, Kubra Khan, Mansha Pasha and Ayesha Toor recently gathered in an event to extend warm support to this initiative.

Here's all that is happening:

1. Aamina Sheikh is doing all to equip young kids to fight self-doubt

2. Women from across several industries came together for an event in Karachi to create awareness and devise plans towards furthering the cause

3. Nadia Hussain is raising her voice against confining beauty in slim bodies

4. The campaign also painted streets of Karachi to spread the message of tolerance and acceptance all around

5. Social media support groups also join in to promote the initiative

Renowned all-women support groups from social media, fashion publications and digital influencers like Soul Sisters Pakistan, Women of Today, Desi Wedding Diaries, Mothers of Pakistan Social Diary Magazine, Runway Pakistan, StyleD’Mode, and Sasha Scheherzade also stepped forward to promote the #MeriAwaz movement.

Dalda wishes to create bigger change by helping us understand the importance of standing firm against age-old stereotypes.

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